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Please cut tube (F) (total length ca. 2,5 meters) in your personal desired lengths. You need 5 pieces.

- 1x for wate/shower tap to "Jet-Set" tap (A)

- 4x for the massage "JETS" (B) to "Jet-Set" tap (A).

Please take notice of the arrows for the water direction, on the back of the "Jet-Set" tap (A). These arrows correspond to the "IN" and "OUT" words written on the front of the tap.

- "IN" is by the entrance hole for incoming water from the water / shower tap.

- "OUT" is by the exit hole for water flowing towards the shower hose.

Please follow these instructions carefully:

1) Slip the small plastic ring (E) onto one of the tube ends (F).

2) Push nipple (C) into the tube (F).

3) Push the small plastic ring (E) back onto the nipple (C) in order to fix and block the nipple to the tube

4) Then mount "Jet-Set" tap (A) with rubber ring (D) in between as shown in picture.

On the back of the "Jet-Set" tap (A), there is a screw. It is possible to adapt the movement of the tap for a fine tuning by turning the screw SLIGHTLY to the left or to the right, respectively for an easier or a harder movement.

3 Different positions of the "Jet-Set" tap (A):

1) Turn tap to the LEFT: you will have water from the shower only.

2) Turn tap to the RIGHT: you will have water from the massage-"Jets" (B) only.

3) Turn tap to a MIDDLE position: you will have water both from shower and massage-"Jets" at the same time.